Free After Effects presets & projects

These projects are free to modify for personnal or commercial use.
Some images shared might come from a random google search and not include credits, sorry about that.
If you have problems on opening those projects, try updating your plugins. You might also need to deactivate some adjustment layers using plugins/custom effects.

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Stardust Explosion
  • Stardust
  • Stardust, 3D model, auxiliary particles.
Stardust walk
  • Stardust
  • Stardust, obj sequence, physics engine.
Particular torch
  • Particular Fire test
  • Trapcode Particular, Vector blur.
Particular Shading
  • Particular Shading study
  • Trapcode Particular, motion path, glow.
Particular City
  • Particle explosion
  • Trapcode Particular, text emitter.
Particular City
  • Trapcode Particular city
  • Trapcode Particular, obj model.
Semi Permanent
  • Semi Permanent Remake
  • Trapcode Form, heavy project.
Paint Explosion
  • Paint Explosion
  • Trapcode Particular, Form.
Space Travel
  • Space Travel
  • Trapcode Particular, Form, Universe Chromatic Blur.
Rain Template
  • Rain Template
  • Particle World, lots of other stuff, complex preset !
Tao Writing
  • Tao writing
  • Trapcode Tao.
  • Tornado
  • Trapcode Particular, Form, Mir.
  • Sphere
  • Trapcode Particular, Element 3D.
Rain normal map
  • Rain normal map
  • A tileable normal+specular map in DNxHD.
Playground city
  • Playground City
  • Trapcode Mir, Form.
  • Pandora
  • Trapcode Particular.
  • Moon
  • Freeform, Trapcode Form.
Mir soundkeys
  • Mir Soundkeys
  • Trapcode Mir, Particular, Form, Soundkeys.
Mir landscape
  • Mir Landscape
  • Trapcode Mir.
  • Hyperspace
  • Trapcode Tao, Element3D.
  • Hyperspace
  • Trapcode Particular, Mir, Form.
  • Glitch particles
  • Trapcode Particular, Lux.
  • Fuzzy
  • Trapcode Particular, Lux.
  • Cell
  • Trapcode Particular, custom sprites, Knoll Flare.
E3D abstract
  • E3D abstract
  • Element 3D, Trapcode Form.
E3D cloner
  • E3D cloner
  • Element 3D, Trapcode Shine.
Freeform world
  • Freeform world
  • Freeform Pro, Trapcode Form.
Freeform channel5
  • Freeform channel5
  • Freeform Pro.
Generative text
  • Generative text
  • Trapcode Particular.
  • Infinity
  • Trapcode Particular, Trapcode Lux.
Mir Planet
  • Mir Planet
  • Trapcode Mir, Knoll Light
  • Interface
  • Trapcode Form, Particular